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About Me

Well, always a tricky one writing about oneself. We were told never to brag about things, to be retiring and humble, for pride comes before a fall. So it is a bit against the grain to write all this stuff, but someone has to do it, and do it quickly as the web developer needs the copy. So here goes. Since before I can remember I had an association with paints, brushes, crayons and all the usual trappings that a child gets at that early age.

andre in  her studio painting servals

But the interest in creating did not fade, leading eventually to a diploma in Fine Arts from the then Natal Technikon in printmaking, painting and photography. After that I worked at the Natal Playhouse, following which I moved back to Howick and started to teach people how to draw, based on the principles outlined in Betty Edward’s book, “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”.

In 1992, with young kids at home, I started a fabric design and printing studio, producing silk-screened fabrics for the arts and crafts industry, with remarkable success too I might add. That business is still running as I write, and you can have a look at the designs by clicking on the Fabric Design link above. However painting was my first love and I would grab canvas and brushes whenever I could. However it all takes time, energy and of course the right frame of mind.

One of Andres gorgeous fat ladies - a self portrait perhaps sans 30 kg fabric painting

The breakthrough came when I did a course on classical painting, and suddenly my work went from good to truly amazing, just by applying these principles.

Soon I was painting still lifes, then some portraits, some of which were exhibited at the Fresh Paint Gallery in Durban, the Senses Gallery in Hilton and at the Howick Framers in the Midlands. A few lucky turns of events and I found myself painting wildlife, which I must add had never been an ambition, although I had always admired the work of David Langmead, a personal friend and mentor.

We also became friends with Roger and Pat de la Harpe, renowned wildlife photographers and writers, and Roger began feeding me with images and reference material. Soon I found I was reveling in this whole wildlife thing, and my trips to the game parks and elsewhere took on a new significance as I began to look at paintable vignettes and scenes to capture with my eager brush. Roger and Pat were at the time writing the book on the Wild Dogs, with sponsorship from SASOL and the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

The long and short of it was they asked me to paint a dog for the book, to be auctioned off at the book’s launch. And so I began to paint dogs, and blow me, but as fast as I painted them, they sold. Which was of course all very encouraging. I then painted a lion for the Wildland’s Trust Exhibition at Sibaya Casino in late 2008, and have agreed to paint for the new Karkloof Spa, which has been voted the best spa in Africa.

With a bit of dedication, knocking on a few doors, and being a little pushy here and there – and I am the least pushy person in the world – those doors started to swing open. My paintings are selling which is fantastic and so it is time to spread the word and get everyone painting too. So I invite you to join me on this artistic journey, and encourage you in your endeavours and who knows what the future might hold.

For those who might be interested in buying my work have a look at the gallery and what is available. If you would like a personalised painting, contact me and we can discuss subject matter and price, as well of course reference material.

Looking forward to everyone visiting my site, joining my Google Group, subscribing to my newsletter, and generally engaging with Andre's Art. Contact me here.

If you want, visit my Midlands Meander Living Artist, real life, bricks and mortar gallery at 35 Ridge Road, Howick, South Africa. GPS co-ordinates S29 29 16.0 E30 13 22.6. Call me on +27(0)33 3303116 where my recent work is on sale and the kettle poised to make fresh tea or cappuccinos.

Kind regards



About Me

Online Gallery, Resource and Inspiration for Artists Everywhere


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